Infantium Victoria

Mint Sailor Jacket


Sailor Jacket

Classic sailor jacket made from solid cotton with two patch pockets, an elasticated hem and an overlapping, square sailor collar.

Colour: Mint green & Black
Size: 68, 74, 80, 86 , 92, 98, 104, 110

Fabric 1: 100% certified organic Cotton (0,85m) supplied by Verne et Clet
Fabric 2: 100% certified organic Cotton Poplin / Black (0,85m) supplied by Ecological Textiles
Decoration: 100% certified organic Cotton / grey striped (0,6) von Pastels
Soja tape: (2,07m) supplied by Société Choletaise de Fabrication
Elastic: (0,42m) supplied by Martin Pliester
Buttons: 100% Coconut shell supplied by Knopf & Knopf

Time consumption for pattern making, sampling and grading (Belgium): 1000min 
Time consumption for sewing (Germany): 118min

Care instructions:
Cotton is a durable fabric that can generally be machine washed with no ill effects. 
For best results, machine wash cotton items at 40 degrees, normal wash cycle and don't tumble dry.
Don't use bleach detergent because it can damaged the fibres and colour. Iron at low temperature.

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