Infantium Victoria

Multisize Pattern for Facemask by Dinie


Multisize Facemask pattern is created by Dinie van den Heuvel. This pattern is available as a free digital download.

This facemask is very comfortable to wear, as it could be adjusted by cotton strings. This product fits nicely to the face, leaving no gaps on the sides. An inner pocket layer allows using a disposable daily filter. We recommend biodegradable options - a  cut out from a paper towel. 

This pattern is printable on DIN A4 paper. There are 2 pieces in the pattern, a seam allowance of 0,5 cm is not included in the drawing.

We recommend using woven organic textiles when sewing this mask. You would require 3 layers of the main piece and 2 layers for the chin piece, and cotton strings.

Feel free to decorate with textile paint. Happy sewing!

This is not a medical-grade PPE.

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