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An encounter with the forces of nature; water, wind, sun and moon. What to play if all high tech is removed and imagination can take over again. When sand and seashells, stones and drift wood can become whatever we want. The warning lights of the lighthouse – foreshadowing the sharp cliffs are guiding the step. Washed-out shells line the beaches and a taste of long forgotten memories is in the salty air. On the horizon a steamboat pushes subtly westwards, vanishing slowly into the endless darkness of the sea.

With "By The Sea" Infantium Victoria revives a nostalgia of forgotten coastal towns – from Long Beach California via Brighton to Odessa on the Black Sea the collection carries us away to the fading memories of yesteryears with the natural curiosity of a child.

Following this theme, we created clothes that combine our edgy aesthetics with borrowings from seafaring uniforms. Headed by our very own interpretation of a classic sailor jacket, frills and flounces meet nautical symbols. We introduce two new black cotton bodysuits, casual chinos and light beach-skirts, but also an elegant dark Frill-dress. And from now on the majority of the collection is available in size 68 to 110.

Regarding the used materials, we trusted our proven selection of organic fabrics, but also tried some new things, like a new soy tape from our supplier Société Choletaise de Fabrication.

In addition to our beloved black cotton jersey, which obviously plays an important role in our summer collections, too, we introduce three new, lighter fabrics. Alongside two grey striped organic cottons our newly developed mint green Toile-de-Jouy sticks out and coins wide parts of the collection. This custom-made tissue is a very fine type of printed cotton with illustrative motives that take you away to gloomy beach sceneries full of sandcastles, lighthouses and sinking ships.

The production of our designs is still mainly done by our partner-atelier in North Rhine-Westphalia. In addition, we recently started working together with a Portuguese manufactory that likewise specialises in the production of high-quality toddler and kid’s wear.

Following our ideology punk aesthetics + rocking ethics all Infantium Victoria clothes are as usual 100% vegan, produced according to our high ethical standards and definitively not suitable for the masses.


Our premiere collection is purposely black only. We use black as an ultimate fashion statement. It's timeless. Dark Romantic is a truly gothic inspired collection, featuring design elements of Victorian era.  We are sure you will treasure this heirloom garments.



Infantium Victoria presents S05

From the seashore head-first right into the ocean - ‘Emulsion’ stands for the beauty and the vulnerability of our seas. The collection touches on environmental issues and aims to create awareness for the importance of protecting our planet and its oceans. The key motive of ‘Emulsion’ is a hand-drawn oil rig created by Mauritz, the son of Infantium Victoria co-owner Dinie van den Heuvel. By creating a creative link between the beauty of sea life and the dangers posed to it by the human quest for growth we want to deliver a cause for thought.

Accordingly the new collection combines the Infantium Victoria signature black with colors of the sea like deep tones of blue, shades of turquoise and green. But some of the fabrics also resemble the rainbow-like colour palettes of oil-water emulsions, beautiful to look at but generally unwanted in reality.

‘Emulsion’ introduces a varied collection of summer clothes from comfy coral-colored knit-fabrics and broadly tailored light summer dresses in lush black and marine blue to chic black cardigans and batik-style inspired sunset-into-the-ocean dyed t-shirts, shorts and skirts.

Originally derived from the generally unwanted rendez-vous of water and oil, the collection title ‘Emulsion’ further stands for Infantium Victoria’s unusual approach of mixing things that normally don’t coalesce, while finding beauty in exact those unusual mixtures. Whether it is water and oil, beauty and destruction, kid’s wear and goth styles, or sustainable fashion and commercial success - at Infantium Victoria we simply like to do things differently.


The Autumn Winter collection S04 carries the inspiration of two creatives minds who, each in their own field, explore the rare and the unexpected.

For the first time Infantium Victoria invited a guest designer into the creative process. Sandro Marzo, who made a name for himself with his internationally recognizes avant-garde men’s wear label, took on the co-authorship for this collection. Marzo focuses his work on the particularity of traditional textiles and the further development of proportions and silhouettes. His intense signature is vividly apparent throughout wide parts of the collection and with his particular view on aesthetics, proportions and the human body Marzo enriched the existing design vocabulary of Infantium Victoria. From the productive confrontation of our individual visions this collection emerged.

Inspired by Flemish artist Jef Geys and his botanical excursions into the the urban spheres that highlight the mysterious vigour of weeds we started to work on floral embroidery motives that would gently break the overall dark surfaces and strong forms developed by Sandro Marzo. The results playfully resonate with the ideals of 17th century Dutch painters like Willem van Aelst who used floral sujets as representation of growth and the future.

While branching out and exploring new directions we decided to work with a range of new fabrics and suppliers, while trusting our key partners for the basic materials. Libeco, a Belgium manufacturer of premium linen provided us with its outstanding GOTS certified organic linen that is 100% biodegradable and recyclable. The organic cotton (also GOTS certified) for this collection comes from the Portuguese fabric maker Albano Morgado. For the embroidery work we were able to win over Bhartiya Fashion, a small silk and embroidery manufactory based in Kerala, India. Bhartiya Fashion shares our commitment for a sustainable fashion and holds the ISO 9001-2008 certificate for quality and safety standards.

The production was once again handled by our trusted partner-ateliers in North Rhine-Westphalia and Portugal.

Following our ideology punk aesthetics + rocking ethics all Infantium Victoria clothes are as usual 100% vegan, produced according to our high ethical standards and definitively not suitable for the masses ;)

From the miniscule to the megalithic, the natural world to the man-made, life is inter-connected and increasingly interdependent. Labyrinth celebrates global citizenship, and the power of individuals working together in harmony for the greater good. From two seemingly unrelated phenomena ”the skyline and the ants” Labyrinth boldly asks: What insights can modern society glean from the humble, yet exquisitely harmonious social order of ants?


Building upon their signature black foundation, the collection introduces an original Tartan print in regal jewel tones of emerald and amethyst that eschews the traditional wool for a 100% organic cotton version. The symbolic weaving together of different colours to produce a harmonious whole complements the philosophical origins of ants, whose diminutive forms are incorporated into broderie anglaise details throughout the collection.


Lending an architectural flair to quilted jackets, skirts, tops, and pants is the skyline motif, a stylized stitching together of cityscapes from Paris, New York, Dubai, Moscow, London and Shanghai. Borrowing from traditional Mao Naga winter costume, raw organic cotton is employed in the padding of skyline pieces resulting in lightweight yet windproof apparel.


For girls, tartan bows accentuate organic, black cotton jersey and tartan tuxedo collars remain incredibly feminine even as they incorporate elements of formal menswear. A dramatic dress features a waterfall skirt embellished by marching ants on a scalloped high-low hem.


Unisex pieces include padded skyline pants, long sleeved jackets and sleeveless vests. Chic trousers in organic black and tartan with elegantly banded waistlines coordinate with the tartan mandarin collar shirt and a knit cowl neck pullover with distinctive Delhi skyline stitching.


Discover designer childrenswear by Infantium Victoria


For the design process of our second collection we took our time and travelled deep into the mystical world of fairy tales à la Brothers Grimm. There, in the medieval woods where elves and wizards, hunter and robber queens dance we found our inspiration and placed the tone that coins the next chapter of Infantium Victoria.

As always all materials used in the production of this collection such as our cotton or coconut shell buttons are 100% organic, vegan and ethically sourced. We are especially proud that our efforts for a sustainable and animal-friendly lifestyle have been recognized by PETA, who just awarded us with their 100% vegan certificate.

The color scheme remains dark overall even tough we moved slightly out of the elegant black shadow of our debut collection. Our trademark palette of black tones has been extended with warm copper elements, which strikingly capture the medieval theme. Stripped patterns of black and dark grey as well as a new delicately worked padded fabric top the fabulous aesthetic off.

By introducing new shapes of authentic baroque elements such as ribbons and removable mutton sleeves, we emphasize on individual flexibility that allows adding a festive nuance to standard bodies and dresses. Further, some pieces are deliberately designed as gender-neutral. An important topic, which we will explore in depth during the upcoming design processes without neglecting our classics such as dresses and skirts for girls. The new collection also sees the introduction of another size catering to three and four- year-old children.

Bemused, inspired and full of individuality – that is our second collection.

Enjoy it.